US leading Healthcare Services and Waste Management

Looking for perfect clinical solutions in United States? Every year we come across a number of sharp injuries occurring in United States. Have a quick look on one of the best healthcare services providers known as “Daniels” in United States which has reduced the sharp injuries, reduced CO2 burden and minimized the waste with their best healthcare practices. They make a lot of difference with other organizations in terms of innovation, safety, efficiency and sustainability.

US leading Healthcare Services

Daniel is the clinical service provider which believes in reusable waste products and technology. Thus it is the best clinically designed healthcare waste solution which is functional within their 4 walls providing all the facilities ensuring the safety of their staff and patients. They provide the best tailored solution for each of their facility with whom they are working.

Why Choose Daniels Health Services?

Daniel is the second largest healthcare service provider in United States. They provide the leading innovative, support safety, efficiency and sustainability in business healthcare services with their experience and products designed in partnership with clinicians. They are having more than 16 years of experience and delivered thousands of healthcare branded products in the US so far with safety, environment sustainability and utmost the customer brand protection. They not only gained the recognition of healthcare solutions as best “provider” but are also known as their best “partner”.

List of Activities carried out by Daniels

They are the leading expert with collective experience in the Health Industry who takes initiation in reducing the risk of infection, better in handling the sharp management and provide the best healthcare waste solutions.

They provide solutions for Diagnostic and Treatment within their Hospitals with long term care, fine research and laboratories and has GPO partnerships to benefit from waste management by letting them discounts with the groups purchasing organizations through contracted membership. You can get more offers through this membership, Its will be more beneficial to get this membership.

Daniels healthcare waste solutions include Sharps disposal, RMW disposal, Chemotherapy disposal, Pharmaceutical disposal, Pathological disposal, Hazardous disposal, Device recovery and Gate waste. They by optimizing waste, does compliance, give education and does formulary analysis of their products.

Who are Daniels Partners?

Daniel being the healthcare waste services has partnered 15 years ago with the following brands they protect. They are as follows:
21st century Oncology, Adventist Health, Aurora Health Care, Bethesda North, Carolinas HealthCare System, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Covenant Healthcare, Davita and many more.


With innovative and clinical design Daniel stands as the best US based healthcare facilities provider and organization which put the safety of staff and customer first by reducing the infections with minimizing the waste.

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