Tips and solutions to stop smoking

Dear reader friends,
I wanted   excellent initiative “No Smoking Month” launched by the Ministry of Health and INPES taking place throughout the month of November to give you some advice and ideas to stop smoking. The cigarette is a real scourge that always kills every year slowly many people

First of all, I wanted to share my feeling: I still find it crazy that successive governments have always managed to increase the price of the package but have never banned the use of texture agents and all chemical additives (+ 4,000 of which about 100 are carcinogenic) found in cigarettes.  additives make it possible   to increase nicotine addiction, such as ammonia, to widen the lungs for better absorption of smoke (such as cocoa) or to mask the pungency of tobacco and tobacco. attract young people …

So here are solutions tested and approved by people around me (!) To stop your addiction to smoking.

The month without tobacco, a real help to stop

The catch of the “month without tobacco” is promising and real: a month without smoking, it is 5 times more likely to stop permanently. Hence this idea (Anglo-Saxon first) to accompany us for a whole month to stop smoking. And this is done in a group, much more motivating to achieve this goal. The month without tobacco is communities and events everywhere in France like collective walks, stands in universities, mindfulness workshops etc …

Added to this a personalized space on the site also with a kit to order or download that will tell you the savings (it is also important ) and reminders of objectives. A free and very well done coaching app is also available on the site.

Magnets in the ears, yes it works!

It may seem quirky at first, but it really works! Auriculotherapy works to stop smoking. For proof, I invite you to (re) read the interview I made Monique R . mother of one of my friends.

The electronic cigarette will make you independent

It can be sometimes decried, but again it works. 2 of my friends use it (and less and less) and have therefore dropped the conventional cigarette for good.

It’s undeniable, the electronic cigarette is much better for health. With it, one no longer smokes, one vapotes and expires water vapor, much less harmful, as the absence of combustion. After adopting it, you will then simply choose e-liquid gradually with nicotine levels increasingly low.

It really works. 2 of my friends, are about to do without the e-cigarette, after giving up the “cigarette” a year ago.

Indian tobacco to stop smoking

Lobelia if you prefer. It is a plant that contains several alkaloids and was smoked by the Indians of America to treat respiratory disorders: it is used today to treat whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis.

The lobeline apparently has the same effects as nicotine on the brain, but without causing dependence. A solution therefore to detach from the cigarette. However, be careful to respect the prescribed doses and / or to get closer to your doctor before use (homeopathic treatment, or alcoholic tinctures and other preparations of fluid extracts.

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