The 8 best tips for losing weight

Dieting, not following a diet. The solution is cardio, except that in fact no … There are so many different opinions on what to do to lose weight that it can be difficult to know where to start. So, basics! Here are 8 basic tips to start your evolution.

Tip # 1: Choose an achievable goal First, we need to determine what our goal is in the long term. For a year? Once it’s clear, we need to make small, incremental changes that will help us achieve our goal. We must not delude ourselves. Be reasonable and opt for measurable and adjustable goals that you can integrate into your daily life and adapt, if necessary.

Tip # 2: Do the accounts When structuring your diet to lose weight , you need to pay attention to some important numbers: our current weight, our fat percentage, our basic metabolism (which indicates the amount of energy that the body spends, at rest) and our level of physical activity. This information will help us estimate the amount of calories our body needs per day. From there, we know how many calories to eliminate from our diet (for our purpose) and how to divide among the 3 macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Over time, the body and energy needs will necessarily evolve. It will therefore be necessary to check these figures regularly, in order to make the necessary adjustments concerning our caloric intake and the macronutrient portions.

Tip # 3: Make Smart Choices If the goal misconceptions, in terms of nutrition. When you lose weight, you can (and should) vary the recipes, try new ingredients, eat foods from each food group, and every day. Planning your meals in advance and moderating portions are the key. In addition, it is easier to stick to a diet and control his cravings snack when we know that we will try new flavors whenever we want.

Tip # 4: There is no point in running …  In terms of results, spending hours on a treadmill is not as effective as one might think. Yes, we burn calories in training, but not after. What’s more, long cardio sessions can jeopardize our muscle gains. So we need a plan B, or rather, in this case, a plan H: HIIT (fractional training of high intensity) . HIIT sessions alternate between short periods of maximal cardio activity and recovery intervals at a much more moderate intensity,

Tip # 5 which will force the body to burn more calories in less time and therefore, speed up the metabolism. once the session is over.

Tip # 6: Go for the charge … it will be worth it If you have to choose between doing more repetitions with a lighter load, or using weights a little heavier and doing fewer repetitions (but still effectively), say that weights a little heavier, for 8 at 12 repetitions, will be much more effective and will help you build and preserve more muscle tissue. It will really change your body composition and appearance. To start, you must choose a load that allows you to perform all the repetitions comfortably, respecting the proper technique.

Tip # 7: Choose your allies To achieve your fitness goal, the most important will always be your diet and your workout. Nevertheless, supplements can help give that little boost that we all need sometimes. Fat Burners , Proteins , Multivitamins and Fish Oils … when combined intelligently and taken at the right time, these are the kinds of supplements that can help us get results faster. That being said, remember that, as their name suggests, they are only there to complete a good eating plan and a good workout routine.

Tip # 8: Your goals. Your mission. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that getting into weight loss is an individual process: we work for ourselves and for ourselves. Listen to your body, find out how it responds to this or that stimulus or change, and adapt the previous 7 tips according to your needs and progress. Also read the L-carnitine guide , one of the best supplements for burning fat.

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