The 5 fatal errors for weight loss

Let’s be clear, losing weight is never easy and it’s not unusual for a moment to stagnate. No matter how many hours you spend in the room or how well your diet is well thought out and balanced, sometimes the results do not follow. But before giving up , take the time to think about how you do things and try to understand where you can improve. Here we see in those who engage in weight loss. # 1 Having the wrong state of mind It seems that if we believe in it, our body can do it! But let’s go back a bit  and talk about the state of mind, in itself.

Under the pretext that we want to lose a size in two weeks, we will turn to the latest regime that promises fashion and wonders. After having succeeded, we resume our old habits and, with them, our lost pounds. Worse, if we do not even see results (it happens), we feel frustrated and we give up. That’s what we mean by  thinking in the short term . It’s about the long term that you have to plan and see things . It’s not just those little pounds you want to lose

or there. You have to see that as the desire to make healthier choices, these subtle changes in your lifestyle that will make all the difference. And stick to it. We are talking about having a balanced diet , playing sports regularlyand, just as important, taking your sleep time seriously. A healthy lifestyle will inevitably lead to significant improvements, over time, including, in addition to a drier body, to a much clearer mind, too. # 2 Do not eat enough Do not drastically reduce your caloric intake . When there is an extreme calorie deficit, when we give our body less than 70% of the caloric intake it needs to maintain its weight, we come up against many more disadvantages than

advantages. Yes, you will surely lose weight at first, your body adapts according to energy intake. It is possible that your basal metabolism is slowing down. And  if you persist in following this drastic diet longer, you will also compromise your muscle mass, which your body will start using as a source of energy. It’s simply the survival instinct of your body, which responds energy. He must he is not in danger. How? By decreasing your caloric intake in a progressive way, little by little, and without ever going down too much in relation to the “level of maintenance”.

In addition, like this, as you will not be hungry all the time, it will be easier to respect your diet and avoid snacking, which is also a big plus for motivation! # 3 Condemn the bad guy When we talk about diet, there is a nutrient that we often blame: lipids . Nevertheless, just wanting to lose fat does not mean that you should not eat it. This may seem contradictory, but understanding that in fact fat is a big step forward to help you reach your goal. When you eat a food that contains a little lipid (the secret is moderation,that you will feel fuller longer and, therefore, there is also

less chance that we go snack a few hours later. In addition, there are unsaturated fats, such as Omega-3 fatty acids , that promote a proper level of good cholesterol and help break down body fat, while inhibiting the formation of new adipose tissue. So who is the real culprit? Who really sabotages your diet? Look rather on the side of refined sugars. Many so-called “dietetic” or “low-fat” foods may, in fact, contain far more calories than their normal version. All because the fat has been replaced by sugars and other substitutes – whose nutritional value is virtually non-existent – to improve their taste. To put it simply, watch out for hidden sugars. Nonfat foods, light foods, sports drinks or sauces, for example, often disguise the empty calories they contain. Speaking of sauces and salad dressings:

do not daub your super balanced salad and grilled chicken with the wrong condiments. Use olive oil instead, # 4 Abuse cardio Doing enough cardio is actually essential for burning fat . No doubt about it. Nevertheless, more than one way to proceed. Spending hours on a treadmill is only effective to a point , since you will be burning calories during training, but not so much after. In addition, long-term cardio sessions can hinder your muscle gains, exhaust you, and make you tired. HIIT is a much more effective way to eliminate body fat that will allow your body to burn

more calories in less time and even after the workout is over. As you can do circuits with weight-training exercises like squats or push-ups, it putting your hard-earned muscles at risk. # 5 Skip the muscu If you believe that bodybuilding will hinder your weight loss, you are mistaken. This is surely misconceptions and, therefore, First, be aware that burn at rest . In other words, your basal metabolism (MB) is higher. In addition to that, the muscu can also change the composition and appearance of your body. When you only do low intensity cardio, you can actually lose weight, but you will not change much, physically. You will be just finer. On the other hand, by muscling yourself, in addition to improving your progress, you will also look great. To burn fat effectively, both during and after

training, follow a training program that combines HIIT and bodybuilding and that focuses on compound exercises rather than isolated. Make your choice according to your sport and end it once and for all with this excess fat!  Disclaimer: The information provided does not replace the prescriptions and the supervision of a doctor or a dietician.

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