Removable dental appliances, make the right choice!

Removable dentures , as their name suggests, are prostheses that can be removed. These are the dentures in everyday language. Removable dentures are a more economical choice that is used when fixed prostheses exceed your budget. Also know that in any case, you can still do without it, by applying implants, in case of posterior unilateral, or bilateral for example, or ask a fixed bridge if there is an opportunity to bridge from one tooth to another. removable prostheses: partial dentures and total removable dentures.

You will have a partial denture if you have teeth left; the prosthesis will then replace the missing teeth among the remaining teeth. The total prosthesis, for its part, is used, in case of total elimination, to replace all the teeth (up or down) that you miss.manufacturing for removable prostheses (partial or total). They can be made either entirely of resin, or of resin and metal. I would like to say to you very sincerely that the prostheses which are made completely

in resin are prostheses of lesser quality. They are fragile prostheses and they must be realized and proposed only for a short duration, while waiting for the definitive prosthesis. This is called a temporary or transient prosthesis. I will explain why you should never accept a removable prosthesis completely made of resin as a definitive prosthesis. Even if you came across the best dentist working with the best prosthetist, for me totally removable dentures will always be fragile prostheses regardless of their competence.

They are only to be used temporarily while waiting for a more solid final prosthesis. “Why will removable dentures never be permanent prostheses?” Resin is a soft material, which must always be moist to keep its flexibility and adapt to your oral cavity. But the resin is also a porous material. Its porosity induces food infiltration. It then becomes breakable;┬ádrying of the resin which is less in contact with the saliva. You can see the drying of a resin denture by its rapid fading. The fact of dropping a resin device is then enough to break it in two.

I know what I’m talking about: I’m a dental technician and I got a lot of removable resin fixtures for repair. I worked regularly with this material and I know perfectly the defects. So after all that I just revealed to you, I hope I convinced you to opt for a removable metal prosthesis if you chose this type of prosthesis. Thanks, opt for removable metal prostheses, they are stronger and therefore last longer

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