Modafinil; The Best Drug for Cognitive and Mood Enhancement

Modafinil is a drug used for cognitive and mood enhancement. It can also be used to induce mild euphoria and to increase the level of alertness and wakefulness. The drug basically functions as a stimulant but with lesser side effects. Other stimulants for example caffeine is known to cause nausea and vomiting, increased respiration and heart rate, stomach irritation, insomnia, restlessness and heart arrhythmia unlike Modafinil. This is due to the fact that its mechanism of action does not involve altering the heart rate or the pressure of the blood. As a result, less pressure is put on the cardiovascular system unlike when using other stimulants.

How to Buy Modafinil

Do you need to increase your focus and attentiveness? Do you need to bring out your “A” game? If yes is your answer then Modalert is one of the best Modafinil buy options available. You can easily buy Modafinil online by buying the Modalert 200 mg tablets. Modalert is the alternative brand name to Provigil produced by Cephalon Inc. The tablets are manufactured at Sun Pharma’s FDA.

buy Modafinil

Each tablet contains 200 mgs of Modafinil and costs a fraction of the price of Provigil while maintaining the flawless quality. The affordability, quality and consistency of the drug has helped it to maintain a loyal global fanbase. Apart from being safe and effective and having lesser side effects, Modalert also has a low potential for abuse. The remarkable user friendliness of the drug has enabled it earn compliments from the likes of The Guardian who described it as the first safe smart drug in the world. The users of the drug have reported enhanced cognitive ability, increased attention span and improvements in the short term memory.

Modalert(Modafinil) Dosage and Recommendations

Each Modalert pill contains 200 mg of high grade Modafinil which is quite strong for new users. For the new users, 100 mgs are more than enough to effect the necessary required changes so they can split each tablet into two. Long term users need to take the full 200 mgs dose in order to get the best results. However, an excess of 300 mgs daily is strongly not recommended. The onset of the drug is about 1 hour after administration and takes 6-8 hours to peak. The maximum effective dosages vary in individuals depending on factors such as age, weight and the pattern of usage. It is therefore essential to understand your body’s response to the drug as well as its tolerance.

There should be some brief intervals of non usage when taking the drug to prevent the emergence of drug tolerance. The best time to take the pill is 90 minutes before carrying out any target activities. You can also take the pills anytime while in a sleep deprived state. It is also essential to check your hydration status when consuming Modafinil. Good hydration will ensure the best effects. It is also key to note that Modafinil should not be used as a treatment option for the underlying obstruction of excessive sleepiness.

Modalert(Modafinil) Packaging

The Modalert tablet is packed in high grade flexible and lightweight aluminium blisters. Each strip contains 10 pills. The aluminium strips are strong enough to protect the tablets from damage. The strips are also durable to keep the pills fresh for longer periods as compared to the traditional plastic blisters. If you want to Discover More about this product then you can visit afinilexpress.

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