Marijuana- A miracle herb for cancer

Marijuana commonly known as Cannabis is a psychoactive drug which is widely used for medical and recreational purposes. This drug is famous for the intoxicating effect that it has on people after its consumption in form of cigarettes. However, when consumed in large quantities or daily this drug has devastating effects on one’s body as it can cause hallucinogens.

Marijuana- A miracle herb for cancer

Wondering how a drug can stop cancer? Read further

The benefits of this drug are hardly known to people and hence, the perspective of intake of this drug needs to be changed. This drug can prove to be useful in many medical conditions as listed below-

Glaucoma: It’s an eye condition where the pressure on eyeballs is increased, resulting in damage to the optic nerve which thereby results in vision loss. Marijuana has proved to be beneficial as it can lower the intraocular pressure (IOP) which resulted in cure of Glaucoma

Repair Lung function: Researchers have found that smoking marijuana doesn’t harm lungs. Instead, it boosts the lung power and also has the capability to cure the damage caused by intake of tobacco.

Epileptic Seizures: Nerve cell disorder which results in seizures is known as Epileptic Seizures. Studies have shown that presence of Cannabidiol and THC in Marijuana helps to regulate the brain cells and control its activity that causes seizures.

Cancer: Usage of Marijuana has resulted in amazing results. Studies have shown that Cannabidiol helps to stop cancer by producing a gene called Id-1. Multiple copies of this gene are produced by cancer cells which stop the cancer cells to turn the non-cancerous cells thereby stopping the spread of cancer.

Alzheimer’s: It is also believed that intake of marijuana can slow the process of memory loss. The combination of CBD and THC chemicals has the capability to preserve memory. Studies also found that THC can slow the creation of amyloid plaques which kills the brain cells and hence, curing this disease.

Marijuana has the capability to cure or prevent many more severe diseases like Sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, Arthritis, etc.

The necessity to spread the awareness

Multiple types of research and studies have proved the above and it’s very important to spread the awareness of the same. Many communities and societies have started to spread the awareness after seeing the effects on individuals. The government of US has also decided to make the selling of this drug legal by 2018. After the announcement of the same, many businessmen have shown interest to open stores as well as websites which will facilitate the process of buying marijuana. There are several contributing factors when considering selling marijuana online such as:

 – Better customer engagement as compared to stores

-Cost efficient as no investment on store space and employees to sell the product would be required

 -Expansion of business worldwide instead of a particular area. This will bring more customers

 -Timely payments received as mostly customer pays while placing the order

 -Less maintenance cost once build

Since the cost of the investment is reduced; businessman can sell the product at lower cost. This is a win-win situation for both parties as buying online will cost less and delivery will happen to the doorstep.

These factors play an important role in attracting more customers. Considering all the points’ creation of e-commerce portal where customers can buy marijuana online is the safest bait.

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