Let back pain back off

Back pain can force you to change your routine and stay confined to your bed. We present easy fixes that teach you how to get rid of back pain.

Back pain is a constant feature in most people’s lives. Most forms of back pain are due to fatigue, stress and wrong posture.Let back pain back off

We list simple ways for how to get rid of back pain:

* Exercise every day. It might seem surprising that you would have to add moderate to intense activity to an already painful back. But under the guidance of an expert, your back pain can reduce considerably provided you exercise the back in the right manner. Do not lift heavy weights or go running at the start. Strengthen your back with yoga, gentle stretching, overhead light weight pulling, and push ups. The painful back muscles receive increased blood supply and become more limber, thus reducing the pain.

* Don’t sit still for more than one hour. Those who lead a sedentary lifestyle are at higher risk of back pain. The back can ‘freeze’ in a slouching position, thus putting the spine off kilter. So how to get rid of back pain if you are forced to sit for long stretches of time? Make sure that you periodically get up from your seat and take a short walk around the office or outside. In a seated position, raise your arms skywards and gently stretch the back without causing undue pressure.

* Get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep at night, or not balancing overwork with rest, can cause your back to seize up. An already painful back can become even more stressed when you sleep less. If your back is too painful, take the day off, switch off all your electronic gadgets and go to bed. Keep your feet propped up on a pillow and sleep on a firm mattress that does not dip under your weight. Continue this regimen for a few nights to see the difference.

* Maintain the correct posture.Knowing how to get rid of back pain is easy if you are mindful of your posture. Slouching in your seat, hunching the shoulders when you sit or stand, or pushing the pelvis forward when you walk, all put your spine out of alignment. As your back struggles to keep up with your wrong posture, it begins to ache. Correct your posture ASAP.

* Keep a back pain cream or spray handy. If your back is already painful, you might need to assist its recovery with back pain cream or spray. Foment the painful areas with a hot compress for about 10 minutes. Now apply the back pain cream or spray and rest for at least one hour. The cream penetrates deep inside the painful tissue or muscle, and removes the source of the pain in just a few minutes.

But if your back pain affects your mobility, it may be time to see a physiotherapist.

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