Learn ways to manage A1c

A1c is a perfect way of learning about your blood sugar over a period. It is a blood test that indicates your blood sugar levels over three months. A1c is not like the regular sugar blood test that shows your current blood sugar. Learning about blood sugar over a period can help patients assess their diabetes management plan and come up with better plans for the future.

Learn ways to manage A1c

Here are few tips on How can you lower your a1c levels? – Mastering Diabetes

Regular exercise

It is essential for diabetic patients to exercise regularly. This helps to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels and maintains blood sugar. In this way, the daily sugar levels are evened out, and the cumulative figure is bettered.

Balanced diet

Diabetic patients are often advised to get a balanced diet. The importance of this step cannot be overstated. Creating the habit of eating a well-balanced and adequately proportioned diet is your best help in diabetes. Foodstuff with minimal starch, lean protein and fats can be helpful. Avoid overeating junk and sugary sodas.


If you find it helpful, take assistance from a dietician or a diabetes educator. They can provide you with a tailored meal plan that is good for you and sticking to it will help with a1c regulation.


Stay consistent in all your habits. Whether it is exercise, meals, amount of meals and time of meals. Putting the excess gap between meals or eating too frequently can have an adverse effect on your blood sugar levels. They can lead to a drastic increase or decrease in blood sugar levels which is not good for your health.

Treatment plans

Your doctor will formulate a treatment plan just for you. Each patients treatment plan is different and following your doctor’s recommendation can help you maintain good a1c levels. On follow-up, your doctor may make changes to your program according to your needs, so it is best to follow your treatment plan to the letter.

Regular checks

It is important to keep checking your blood sugar levels. Your doctor should determine the frequency of this check. For patients with high blood sugars, sugar check may be recommended more often. For those with lower diabetic levels may not need frequent tests.

It is necessary to understand How can you lower your a1c levels? – Mastering Diabetes, since itis an indicator of how well your diabetes management plan is working.

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