Is cosmetic surgery good for your health?

This is a question that seems at first glance trivial, even useless but in fact is not that simple ..
To say that cosmetic surgery is ubiquitous in our society would be a little exaggerated, but it is almost everywhere and for more or less laudable reasons.

Surgery has now become accessible to a very large number. The aesthetic techniques are more and more controlled, and the perception of this branch of surgery has evolved a lot.

Thus, today, we can legitimately ask ourselves if this growth is a good for our society, our well-being, or if it is a false good thing …

Our body is our garden, and our will is the gardener.
William Shakespeare

Our body is the first aspect of ourselves that we unveil to others, to society. Suffice to say that this one can have in some of us, a lot of pressure to be at the top. The body is considered as proof of our societal level, of our form, of our. I teach you nothing; It is the object of a true cult.
pleasing others, something (in this case here our body) must please us.

The body and / is the spirit

In addition to the obvious benefits of an operation on our face, nose, abdomen, buttocks, cosmetic surgery has an undeniable psychological and emotional effect. If the operation is successful (be careful to choose your doctor! There is for example Dr Natalie Rajaonarivello who officiates in Paris: see the website ), people can really feel revived, find a joy of life , a self-confidence disappeared.

Their gaze on their bodies changes. Their emotions too. And their openness to their surroundings as well.

Attention all the same to cosmetic surgery

But getting into plastic surgery is also often accepting the pressure that society can generate and succumb to. It is also to say that we do not correspond to the criteria of beauty (but what are these criteria ??) and that it is necessary that it costs to fit in the mold. The standardization and standardization of the human body could even send us back to philosophical questions: is the diversity of beauty not disappearing?

In fact, it all depends on the real reasons that push a person to embark on an aesthetic operation. What is the origin of his malaise? Is it really due to a physical problem?

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