How to make acne disappear?

Acne is very common, it affects especially young adolescents during puberty. The face is covered with pimples and badly treated, they can leave scars. But as any problem has its solution, The blogsanté.fr gives you some tips to fight acne daily and find a real baby skin. Summary: acne, a skin disease Black dots and white dots Other factors of acne Climate and pollution promote acne The 6 golden rules against acne Acne, a skin disease Acne is a skin disease or “dermatosis *” that is characterized by inflammation of the sebum-secreting glands resulting in comedone formation

. This dermatosis usually occurs at puberty because during this period, the body of these future adults is in full hormonal turmoil. It is common to find that the most affected areas are often: the back and the face. Acne affects 85% of girls or boys Black dots and white dots Also called blackheads or whiteheads, they are due to overproduction of sebum. The black dots are the bad thing to expand the pores and a black peak is caused by oxidation in contact with air. The white dots form themselves under the skin.One of the first reflexes that comes to mind when the appearance of these small buttons unsightly is to pierce them with your fingers. However, this technique is highly

risky: it leaves marks and the hygiene of your nails can increase your chances of infection. To remove these pimples, it is necessary to take some precautions to not leave marks on your skin. Our first tip is to use a comedone tug that will help you gently remove comedone without leaving scars. Other factors of acne Age is not the only factor that causes acne. Other factors may disease: A great stress (exams, contests) can destabilize the hormonal functioning. An unbalanced diet , rich in sugars and fat, (chocolate, coffee, wine, dairy products) promote acne. Eating more healthy acne. Last factor, exposure to the sun . Highly discouraged during dermatological treatments, UV exposure weakens your skin. Some treatments can also make your skin photosensitive. In the meantime, adopt a diet that is richer in fiber. Climate and pollution promotes acne People living in hot, humid climates are more prone to acne.

The heat favors the production of sebum. Clogged pollutants are also likely to aggravate acne or trigger a flare of pimples, due to increased secretion of sebum. Care adapted to remove acne In summary, here are our tips against acne : To reduce the formation of comedones , it is essential to clean the skin with a suitable lotion or gel cleanser. Bioderma Sebum Foaming Gel for combination to oily skin is particularly recommended, it cleans and purifies the skin without attacking it. care to make acne disappearEven if your skin produces excess sebum, it needs daily hydration. Without moisturizers, sebum production can be further increased. Use a moisturizer such as Bioderma Sebum Hydra cream. This compensating treatment is specially formulated for skin with imperfections, dehydrated and dried by dermatological treatments. Avoid using too much makeup, it can ignite lesions present on the skin,

Avène Couvrance range is specially formulated for sensitive skin and problems, it is advisable to use a foundation or a non-comedogenic powder, c that is to say, which does not clog the pores and lets the skin breathe. Makeup often helps to hide pimples and unsightly redness, especially during adolescence when the relationship with self-image is not easy. Finally during anti-acne treatments, it is advisable to avoid the sun, without this precaution, you expose yourself to an aggravation of the phenomenon. Putting a total screen in summer is recommended, however even in summer, do not stop the prescribed anti-acne treatment. Do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist.

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