How to easily lose weight in 1 month?

Getting weight is very easy but when it comes to losing it is another matter. To lose those extra pounds, there are some rules to follow. You have to be rigorous and disciplined in following your new lifestyle. No need to follow a draconian diet or take dietary supplements.


Remove the bad food

Avoid foods high in calories and saturated fat. Including fast food, processed meats, dairy products that are too fat, fried foods, industrial pastries, white flour products etc. The list is not exhaustive.

Eat foods that have adequate nutrients and fiber such as seeds, nuts, fish, beans for example.

Reduce the quantities

Decrease your daily amounts to create a calorie deficit ie to spend . For example, if you consume 500 fewer calories a day, you could lose 500 grams a week.

Consult the calorie glossary

Stop the sweet drinks

Drink water instead. Sugary drinks can hold a lot of calories. This includes processed juices, flavored sweet teas, sodas, alcohol. You should consume these drinks with great moderation and replace them as soon as you can with water.

Split meals

Taking several small meals will allow you to stay full longer, to eat less calories and increase your metabolism. If your calorie requirement is 2400 calories, you will have to eat 6 meals of 400 calories each.

Play sports

Spend to burn a maximum of calories. In addition, by exercising regularly, you will increase your muscle mass and your metabolism which will lead to a greater daily calorie consumption.

Special weight loss training program

Do not forget to practice in addition to bodybuilding cardiovascular activity to strengthen your heart and eliminate fat. It is advisable to start with 1 to 2 sessions of 45 minutes then to increase the frequency while lengthening the duration of the trainings. You have the choice between running, eliptic bike, bike, rower, stepper, swimming.

If you prefer a few things more fun. Try fitness classes like zumba, step or aerobics. You will have fun while spending time.

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