Dr. Jonathan Lauter Emphasizes the Need for Play and Physical Education

Nine out of ten people are seen to have some sort of physical issue, they prefer spending uncountable dollars and visiting doctors of all sorts, but they refuse to bring a change in the way they live their life. Technology might have given a lot to the world to be thankful for, but a whole lot of discrepancies too have cropped up with it. This is the reason, that the able doctors like Jonathan Lauter have to emphasize the need to bring about a change in their lifestyle.

One of the major problems that has evolved in the world today is the lack of mobility; in other words the need to move about and do some physical activity. The availability of everything at one’s finger tips on smart phones and laptops has made the masses lazy, and often the parents knowingly or unknowingly are seen to be handing over this to their children as a tradition. People have forgotten to go outdoors and play; it is startling to see even if children do gather around in a park, they end up sitting side by side and playing virtual games on the phones.

This is a really scary scenario that the world has entered into, it is time everyone, and especially the parents remember their childhood and try to give them the same thing. Physical exercise is an absolutely essential element not just for the physical growth of an individual but also for mental development. The more confined you are within a physical space, so will you be within your mental space as well. This definitely is a matter of concern for the society as this could form the starting point of deterioration in creativity and inventiveness.

Jonathan Lauter is an accomplished psychiatrist and it is in his blogs we find an explanation of why and how important play is in the well being of an individual. He mentions in his blog that a healthy brain development is always initiated by play, in a child, because it is during this time that the child first interacts with the world around him.

The motor skills are way more developed in children involved in some sort of physical activity than those who are seen to be passively active. In a way it could be said that Physical Education is a very crucial and elementary thing in the development of an individual and is absolutely mandatory for his/her overall well being. This is what eventually becomes responsible for the achievements of one.

Physical education helps one in understanding how the strength, mind and body work in coordination, and what are the ways in which you can take care of them in order to avoid any kind of major illness. Those children who get some knowledge in physical education learn of how the body behaves and also the nutrition that is required for the body to remain healthy. This knowledge helps them in the future as well, as they already develop a habit of living a healthy life style during their childhood.

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