Dental prosthesis bottle opener!


You’ve probably seen in a film or around you a guy who opens his beer bottle with his teeth. Then, all in admiration, you said to yourself “Cool!”, “What strength! “. You may have tried to do the same yourself, but finally gave up for fear of leaving a tooth. With the dental bottle opener launched by the Argentinian beer brand Salta, in collaboration with the agency Ogilvy & Mather Argentina, this gesture can now be made by anyone who wishes.


Everyone knows that rugby is a sport for tough guys. In addition to bruises and bruises, you can easily break your bones, or even leave teeth, except that if the first heal, they do not grow back. Rugby fans are also among the big beer drinkers. In front of a match, many of them do not take the time to go to the kitchen to look for a bottle opener, but open their bottle directly with their teeth.

Inspired by these facts, the Argentine beer brand Salta imagined an unusual product: the dental prosthesis bottle opener. In his online commercial, it replaces a missing tooth to allow a simple individual to do like the tough guys rugby and cinema, that is to say, to uncap a bottle of beer with his teeth as if nothing had happened.


The creative directors at Ogilvy & Mather Argentina, Javier Mentasti and Maximiliano Maddalena, were quite puzzled as to how the public would welcome this unprecedented product. There has been a lot of suspense and questions about how many people would be willing to have this dental bottle opener permanently in the mouth, especially on the reaction of rugby players.

But apparently, despite the unusual concept, the product has been a real success. According to them, the comments received  video are rather positive, and many candidates have expressed their interest for this dental prosthesis bottle opener. Many people would like to have some!

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