The 4 tips for treating a cold effectively

Winter comes in the Game of throne series, this quote from the Stark family, announces the dangers of the harsh and dangerous winters of the Westeros Kingdom. In reality, our winters are not populated by zombies. However, they bring with them many winter diseases including the infamous “Cold”. Clogged nose, runny nose, sore throat, tiredness, these symptoms make us shudder at their mere reading … Rest assured, this article will bring you a precious help to fight effectively against this ugly winter virus. First of all, what is a cold?

A cold is most often of viral origin. This pathology is seasonal and tip the tip of his nose usually in winter when your immune defenses are at their lowest. So how to cure a cold ? To overcome this virus, it is necessary to treat all these symptoms point by point. Below our tips: 1) Clogged nose and runny nose The first symptoms of a cold are usually the stuffy nose and / or runny nose. A stuffy nose causes respiratory discomfort that should not be neglected to stop it as soon as possible. From the first signs, we recommend essential oils of Eucalyptus.

The Phytosun aroms laboratory is renowned for being a specialist in essential oil has a decongestant effect. In infusion, it will help you clear your nasal and breathing voices. 2) My throat is scratching Having a scratchy throat, stinging, or discomfort when swallowing, are symptoms that usually accompany a cold. This symptom is usually due to irritation of the mucous membrane. To treat an irritated throat, two natural products can be used: honey and lemon. Indeed, honey can be used for its softening properties and lemon acts as a natural antiseptic. In case of sore throat, Oropolis lozenges of Médiflor laboratories have a soothing effect. Thanks to the propolis they contain these lozenges soften the throat and soothe the pain. Propolis is a plant resin produced by bees. It also has sanitizing and anti-infective benefits. Also found in this treatment Echinacea is a plant native to North America, known for its benefits on the respiratory voice such as the nose and throat. You can also create your own remedy using a simple recipe: the Grog. From the first signs, this natural and effective remedy can relieve you. Its preparation is very easy and does not require any particular ingredient. Grog’s recipe In a saucepan over low heat: 1- Pour 10 cl of hot water 2 – Add one to two tablespoons of honey 3 – Add lemon juice 4 – Add a little brown sugar to soften the mixture We advise you to drink the hot mixture. 3) Cure a cough Having a scratchy throat can lead to a dry cough followed by irritation. In this case, drinking a hot liquid like grog (recipe above) can ease this discomfort at first.

If the latter persists, the essential laurel oil offered by the Puressentiel laboratory has anti-viral qualities on your respiratory system and facilitates the elimination of secretions contributing to the reduction of your cough vitamins and sugar. My condition does not improve If despite these valuable tips you find that your condition does not improve, do not hesitate to seek advice from your pharmacist. However, if symptoms persist consult a doctor. The final word As my grandmother used to say, “Prevention is better than cure!” (It has also become the motto of blogging at the same time). During the winter season, which is more prone to viral diseases, remember the importance of washing your hands. Microbes stick to our hands

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